Create a contemporary garden room, whether you need a Garden Gym, Office Space, or a Studio  

A garden room is a great way to create more space – perhaps you have already extended and converted your home as far as possible or you do not have the space in your property to expand via a loft conversion or an extension. Either way a garden room could present you with the perfect solution all year round. We believe that your garden room should be as well insulated as your house.

A garden room is perfect for so many activities, whether you need it for office space or maybe a place to relax, here at BurnsBuild we have the knowledge and expertise to make that perfect space, one that’s away from the day to day distractions of family life.

At BurnsBuild we’re proud of our great reputation that we have earned through many years of building garden rooms and offices. We have that attention to detail, from site preparation, through building, to leaving a completed stunning result.

More Space with Minimal Disruption!

New regulations brought into effect on 1st October 2008 make expansion even easier this states that garden rooms do not require planning permission and are in fact covered under permitted development. Garden Rooms under 2.5 metres in height can be built right next to the boundary of your garden thanks to these relaxed regulations (it should be noted that garden rooms over this height are subject to different regulations).

To arrange a free consultation please contact us to book an appointment at a time that is suitable for you, we are happy to visit clients outside of office hours. For advice call us on 01277 363332 or 07977 571664

Expert Tip – Decking

“Have you thought about adding a deck area – timber decking looks fantastic and the right choice of furniture can help you enjoy even more time in your outer space.”

Expert Tip – Roof Choices

“A green roof is a popular feature of garden room design but there are periods of the year when they look better than others. Artificial green roofs are becoming increasingly popular thanks to minimal maintenance requirements and a flawless appearance all year round.”