If you love the location where you live but feel like there is just not enough space for you growing family, a house extension could be the best solution for you. Our aim is to help you create the perfect space that you can be proud of.

How do I set a budget?

Firstly try comparing the cost of your home with homes similar in your area to establish your selling price. Then add the cost of agent fees, stamp duty, removals and bank fees and this should then give you a budget to start with. The main factor to keep in mind is to not spend more on your project that what it will return when it is time to sell.

Will my home be capable of supporting a second storey extension?

It is always advisable that an independent engineer inspects your property prior to construction to confirm your home is capable of supporting the new storey. We find that almost all homes are able to take the load of a second storey extension.

During the construction process will we need to move out?

In most cases it is generally not required, we are able to provide you with access to all facilities when needed.  At BurnsBuild we know how important it is to keep minimal disruption to your everyday life.  With ground floor extensions, temporary walls are put in place to minimise dust, with second storey extensions, there is minimal disruption until (if applicable) the end of the project when the staircase is installed.

Do I need planning permission?

Not all extensions require planning permission, take a look at our planning permission page or get in contact with your local authority to establish the extent of permitted development. Some authorities will allow an extension of less than 16 square metres without planning permission.

How long will the new home extension take?

We will provide a start and completion date on acceptance of our quotation, every home extension varies.

To arrange a free consultation please contact us to book an appointment at a time that is suitable for you, we are happy to visit clients outside of office hours.

Expert Tip – Budget Considerations

“If you’re considering a side or rear extension, one way to maximise space is to look at a double story addition. Doubling up on space won’t cost twice as much – foundations will be laid sufficient to take an additional storey and a roof will still be required whether the extension has one or two floors.”

Expert Tip – Kitchen Design

“Think practical – you won’t want to be bending down to use your oven or fridge . It is much more comfortable for appliances that are used regularly be installed at eye level.”